Contributions: security and privacy

Mobile_localization_GorlatovaI examined a range of wireless network security and mobile localization topics at Telcordia Technologies, Defense R&D Canada, and Disney Research Zurich. At Telcordia, I worked on a DARPA-funded ZODIAC project, defining routing and location management functionalities for a secure wireless ad hoc system architecture. In my M.Sc. research, partially supported by Defense R&D Canada, I developed algorithms for wormhole attack detection in wireless ad hoc networks. At Disney Research Zurich I focused on providing proprietary mobile location services in Wi-Fi and femtocell networks. We proposed and evaluated approaches for preventing third parties from providing location services using proprietary on-site Wi-Fi and femtocell networks, and developed and evaluated methods for providing different levels of location services to authorized mobile devices.

This work appeared in the Proc. of Army Science Conference 2008, IEEE MILCOM 2006, 2008, and 2011 [paper link], and specialized workshops co-located with IEEE ICNP 2005 and IEEE WiOpt 2011 [paper link]. The Disney Research work was also patented [patent information].