Contributions: organizational transformation

Organizational_Gorlatova In both industry and academia I was actively involved in solving organizational challenges.

The main focus of my organizational work has been on running large-scale projects and on enabling interdisciplinary collaborations.

At D. E. Shaw Research I orchestrated the design and development of a new generation of custom supercomputers. This effort involved 40+ contributors from 8+ in-house technical teams in areas ranging from ASIC development to supercomputer mechanicals, and to firmware and embedded software. It also involved several non-technical in-house teams, such as business development and datacenter operations, and dozens of external parties. At IBM I carried out high-priority multinational sales oversight improvement projects, with contributors from a broad range of technical and non-technical teams: IBM Research, analytics, IT, legal, software sales, hardware sales, and offshore sales support.

At Columbia University I developed approaches for providing students with interdisciplinary project-based learning opportunities within large-scale research efforts. Over 11 semesters we engaged more than 50 high school, undergraduate, and Masters students on more than 115 interdisciplinary research projects. In a survey we conducted to assess student experiences with our approaches, over 70% of the students said that this experience improved their ability to function on multidisciplinary teams more than any other activity in their career.

My IBM projects were deployed in multiple growth markets worldwide, and have contributed to multimillion dollar savings for IBM. My D. E. Shaw Research work serves as a foundation for 5+ year supercomputer development plans. The organizational research I conducted at Columbia University appeared in Proc. ACM ITiCSE [Paper PDF].