Undergraduate Students Presenting Their Work on Next-generation Augmented Reality at Duke University Undergraduate Research Showcases

Three undergraduate students have presented the results of their independent studies in CS and ECE poster sessions and demonstrations here at Duke University.

Michael Glushakov presented a poster and a demo of his work on edge computing-supported augmented reality with Google ARCore, demonstrating how edge computing can be used to enable persistent and personalized augmented reality experiences, and developing a portal that allows people without coding background to create personalized AR experiences. Joseph DeChicchis presented a poster and a demo of his work on using reinforcement learning to teach holograms to move out of the way of real-world objects. Joseph’s demonstration showcased this capability on Magic Leap One devices. Madeline Wilkinson presented a poster of her work on using eye tracking to personalize user experiences in augmented reality on Magic Leap One devices.

Michael Glushakov presenting his work on edge-enhanced ARCore experiences.

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