Spring 2023 Student Successes

We have had an exciting end of the Spring 2023 semester, with many recognitions of outstanding and cross-disciplinary achievements of group’s students. Neha Vutakuri‘s year-long engagement with the lab culminated with a successful undergraduate dissertation defense and graduation with distinction in Neuroscience. Seijung Kim, who has been with us for almost two years and made important and unique contributions to two different projects, graduated with distinction in Biomedical Engineering and received the Howard G. Clark Award for outstanding undergraduate research. Ritvik Janamsetty, a Pratt Fellow in the ECE Department,┬áreceived the 3rd place Independent Study Best Poster Award at the ECE undergraduate research showcase. Lin Duan received the 2nd place Best Poster Award at the Athena NSF AI Institute annual showcase. Heartfelt congratulations!

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