SenSys 2022 Demo: Through an AR Lens

Sarah Eom has demonstrated our ongoing work on AR-based magnification for hand-held loupes at ACM SenSys’22 in Boston, MA. This work is based on a collaboration with Miroslav Pajic (Duke ECE) and Majda Hadziahmetovic (Duke Ophthalmology). [Demo description PDF] [Accompanying poster PDF]

Several systems that rely on AR to show to the user the magnified view of a scene as a whole have previously been showcased (they can, for instance, be very helpful for people who have low vision). Complementary to that, our work considers a scenario where a specific part of the scene is of interest to the user, who wants to examine it with a magnifying lens — as is often important in examination of different historical artifacts, detailed assembly tasks, and microsurgery. For such cases, we demonstrate the first real-time system that projects the hologram onto the magnifying lens itself, with the correct location and scale. The current demo showcases our overall framework. In our next steps, we will be applying the developed framework to retinal laser therapy, in which surgeons use hand-held magnifying lenses to target specific retinal areas of the patients.

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