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This page summarizes my selected professional activities over the last few years.


11/30/2018: Paper led by Parinaz Naghizadeh titled “Hurts to be Too Early: Benefits and Drawbacks of Communication in Multi-Agent Learning” accepted to IEEE INFOCOM 2019 (acceptance rate 19.7%).

11/27/2018: I am delighted to be attending 2018 Facebook Connectivity Lab Research Workshop in Menlo Park, CA (invited participant).

10/15/2018: Duke University I^3T Lab is pleased to welcome Dr. Guohao Lan, who will be starting his postdoctoral scholar position in the lab in November 2018.

10/01/2018: I gave an invited talk at Fog World Congress in San Francisco, CA. The key messages of my talk were summarized in the Network World article Augmented Reality, Fog, and Vision: Duke Professor Outlines Importance of Smart Architectures.

09/25/2018: I gave an invited talk at the IEEE Sarnoff Symposium in Newark, NJ. The slides of my talk, titled Towards Intelligence on the Edge: Restructuring Computing to Enable the Next Generation of the IoT, are available here 

09/14/2018: Prof. Wenjun Hu (Yale University) and myself received an NSF Computer Systems Research (CSR) grant to examine Multi-tier Service Architectures in IoT-Edge-Cloud-Paradigms. [ More information ]

09/13/2018: We are thankful for the AWS Cloud  Credits for Research Award that will support our work on restructuring applications for edge/fog computing. Joint proposal submission with Dr. Liang Zhang.

08/28/2018: I am serving on the TCP of 2019 ACM MobiHoc.

08/20/2018: The Women in Tech Show podcast with me is now available: Edge Computing with Maria Gorlatova.

08/11/2018: Robert Macinnis and myself talked to Deloitte’s Digital Chief IoT Technologist Robert Schmid and Digital and Analytics Strategist Kelsey Carvell about the vision of fog and edge computing: Coffee with Ms. Connected and Mr. IoT.

08/01/2018: I attended the 2018 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond, WA (invited participant).

05/27/2018: I am thrilled to be joining Duke University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as an Assistant Professor in July of this year. There are multiple open positions in my lab, for students with interests in the Internet of Things, mobile systems, and wireless and mobile networking, with a wide mix of theory-oriented and applied research and development components. More information about my current research and about joining my lab at Duke.

05/10/2018: Our work on applying fog-based reinforcement learning to securing augmented reality outputs has been accepted to the ACM SIGCOMM AR/VR Networking Workshop, and will be presented in Budapest, Hungary, in August. The work is led by Surin Ahn, Princeton BS’18, who will be starting her Ph.D. studies at Stanford University Electrical Engineering Department later this year. [Paper PDF]

4/05/2018: I am serving on the TPCs of the 2018 IFIP PERFORMANCE and the 2019 IEEE INFOCOM.

1/05/2018: A video recording of the fog architecture panel at IEEE Fog World Congress’17 is now available via IEEEtv. [panel video ; my presentation starts at ~ 10:45]


12/08/2017: I spoke with about edge computing changing the world of electronics as we know it: When Toasters Attack.

12/04/2017: Our technical report examining tradeoffs between reliability and latency in placements of control services in heterogeneous fog architectures is now available on arXiv. This work, led by Hazer Inaltekin, is in preparation for a journal submission.

12/04/2017: An article in Multichannel News mentions the work with Comcast Corporation that I am helping Prof. Mung Chiang lead at Princeton University EDGE Lab.

11/27/2017: I am grateful to Google Women Techmakers for supporting the initiatives I proposed for 2018 to connect NYC-area women who work in fog and edge computing.

11/07/2017: Surin Ahn presented her paper titled “Leveraging Fog and Cloud Computing for Efficient Computational Offloading” at the 2017 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference in Boston, MA. Surin previously showcased parts of this work in a Princeton Research Day poster presentation.

11/06/2017: I presented a demonstration of our fog computing testbed at ACM SenSys’17 in Delft, the Netherlands. Joint work with Liang Zheng, Edward Chang, and Chege Gitau. [Demo abstract PDF] [Video of the demo]

11/05/2017: I gave a keynote talk titled “Light, Motion, Fog: Towards Networking Commonplace Objects” at the ACM ENSsys workshop co-located with ACM SenSys’17.

11/04/2017: Fog Support for Autonomous Driving use case description whitepaper is now publicly available. I helped Hassnaa Moustafa from Intel lead this use case definition effort.

Architecture for Fog panel presentation at the IEEE Fog World Congress.

11/01/2017: IEEE Fog World Congress was a blast. I described some of the directions of the OpenFog Communications Working group on the Interoperable Architectures panel [ panel presentation video ], and talked about my research on the Research Around the World panel. Chege Gitau and myself also presented a demo of our fog computing testbed at the Research Demonstrations session of the conference. [More information]

10/04/2017: I presented my work on fog computing at the Computer Systems Engineering track of the 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. My talk was titled “Fog Computing: Challenges and Solutions.” [ GHC presentation PDF ]

10/01/2017: I served as an Innovation Awards Judge for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

9/28/2017: We presented a demonstration of our fog computing testbed at the 2017 NYC Media Lab Summit. [more information]

9/07/2017: I gave an invited talk at BAE Systems in Burlington, MA. The title of my talk was “The Most Interesting Part of Cloud Computing: Fog Computing Enabling the Next Generation of the Internet of Things“.

7/19/2017: We are grateful to Microsoft for supporting our work with a Microsoft Azure Research Award, which provides us the equivalent of $20,000 in Azure computing services. [more information]

6/22/2017: I gave a talk titled “In and Out of the Fog: Working with Industry to Define New Computing Architectures” at a Princeton Postdoctoral Council Seminar.

6/10/2017: I spoke on the expert panel of the Fog Computing in the IoT and 5G World Forum in Denver, CO.

Sharing my thoughts on the future of technology at IEEE WIE ILC.

05/22/2017: I spoke on an invited panel about the future of technology, titled “The Next Frontier: a Spirited (Friendly) Debate”, at the Innovation Track of the 2017 IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (IEEE WIE ILC) in San Jose, California, attended by more than 1,200 people. [IEEE WIE ILC speakers].

5/20/2017: My research is in the news: New Yorker Magazine article “If Donald Trump Were Actually a Battery” mentions my work on human motion energy harvesting, in context of president Trump’s recent comments about the principles of human body as an energy supply.

5/09/2016: I served as an Innovation Awards Judge for the 2017 CES Asia. [meet the judges]

4/20/2017: I attended DARPA Dispersed Computing (DCOMP) kick-off PI meeting in Arlington, VA. We are contributing to two DARPA DCOMP projects: Network Back-haul Layered Architecture (NEBULA) led by BAE Systems and Dispersed Computing via Successive Refinement and Pricing with Resilience and Scale (DSPRS) led by LGS Innovations. [project award information] [DCOMP in the news] This is the second time I work on large DARPA projects [blog post about my experience and DARPA approach to research].

Speaking on the NYC IoT Central meetup panel [talk video].

4/19/2017: I spoke on the Fog Computing and IoT panel of the IoT Central meetup in NYC, simulcasted with Austin, TX. [talk video].

3/03/2017: I spoke on the expert panel of the Fog Computing in the IoT and 5G World Forum in Atlanta, GA.

2/25/2017: I gave an invited talk about the OpenFog Reference Architecture, titled OpenFog Reference Architecture: Unified Framework and a Roadmap, at the Through the Fog Workshop organized by the University of Pisa, in Pisa, Italy. [slides] [news coverage]

2/15/2017: I am serving on a National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal review panel.

2/08/2017: OpenFog Reference Architecture is now publicly released. I contributed to the reference architecture both individually and as the co-chair of the OpenFog Consortium Communications Working Group. [EETimes commentary] [ECD interview with me and 2 other OpenFog technical committee members]


12/15/2016: I am co-chairing the Internet of Things and Wearable Technology Track of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing for the second time in 2017. In 2016 the track was attended by 8,000 people.

10/11/2016: I served as an Innovation Awards Judge for the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) [meet the judges].

10/1/2016: I was elected to co-chair the OpenFog Consortium Communications Working Group. OpenFog Consortium is a public-private ecosystem that accelerates adoption of fog computing. The Consortium has over 50 member organizations including Intel, CISCO, Microsoft, ARM, and Dell.

8/12/2016: I joined Princeton University Electrical Engineering Department as an Associate Research Scholar in the EDGE Lab led by Professor Mung Chiang. I am working on defining system architectures for the emerging area of fog computing.

5/15/2016: I am serving on a National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal review panel.

ieeecomsocawardReceiving the award at IEEE GlobeCom 2016.

5/1/2016: Aya Wallwater and myself are sharing the 2016 IEEE Communications Society Young Author Best Paper Award for our paper on measurements and algorithms for networks of energy harvesting nodes, which appeared in the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing in 2013. This is my second IEEE Communications Society Award. I previously received the 2011 Award for Advances in Communications. [IEEE Communications Society award information] [Columbia University Engineering webpage coverage] [Link to the paper]

4/12/2016: I am serving on the 2016 Grace Hopper Scholarship Committee, evaluating Grace Hopper Scholarship Grant applications from students, postdocs, and junior faculty members from around the world. This is my second year serving on the Grace Hopper Scholarship Committee. [Blog post: why I volunteer on the GHC Scholarship Committee]

4/1/2016: I am serving on the technical program committee of the 2017 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM). This is my second year serving on the technical program committee of this conference.

3/30/2016: I am  co-chairing the Internet of Things and Wearable Technology track of the 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. This is one of only 8 technical tracks at a conference that is expected to be attended by more than 15,000 people.

3/15/2016: I joined the advisory board of All [in]spire Health, a start-up which is creating wireless technology for analyzing interactions between patients and their doctors and nurses in healthcare facilities.

3/6/2016: I became a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

2/1/2016: I joined the board of N^2 Women, a community for women in computer communications and networking, as a Fellowship Awards Co-chair.

1/7/2016: I attended the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. [Blog post: first-timer’s CES impressions]

1/1/2016: I am serving on the technical program committee of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication and Networking (IEEE SECON).


10/20/2015: I served as an invited panelist at the D. E. Shaw Research Summit for Undergraduate Women in Computational Sciences.

10/11/2015: I served as an Innovation Awards Judge for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I judged 2 product categories: wireless handsets and wireless handset accessories.

9/27/2015: Our paper “Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs): Prototyping and Experimentation” has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Sensor Networks. [Paper PDF]

6/10/2015: Guy Grebla gave an invited talk about our joint work on kinetic energy harvesting for the Internet of Things at the Energy Efficiency and Harvesting for BSNs workshop.

3/28/2015: I am serving on the technical program committee of the 2016 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM).

2/1/2015: The IEEE Communications Technology News highlighted our paper “Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs) for Ubiquitous Object Networking” in the Editor in Chief’s top-3 picks for 2014. Joint work with Peter Kinget, Gil Zussman, John Kymissis, Dan Rubenstein, and Xiaodong Wang. [Paper PDF]

1/13/2015: I served as an invited panelist at the Columbia University Industry Careers Panel, organized by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, and attended by ~ 100 PhD students and postdocs from different Columbia departments. The other panelists were from Merck, Regeneron, Lumiode, and Schrodinger.

ColumbiaPanelWith the other panelists, discussing preparation for industry careers for PhDs.


12/17/2014: Our paper on kinetic energy harvesting for the Internet of Things has been accepted to the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, issue on Wireless Communications Powered by Energy Harvesting and Wireless Energy Transfer. Joint work with Guy Grebla and John Sarik.

10/10/2014: Guy Grebla’s poster presentation based on our joint work on kinetic energy harvesting received the Top 10 Poster Award at the Columbia University Postdoc Research and Career Symposium.

8/01/2014: I joined D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES) as an Engineering Program Manager, helping to build supercomputer Anton.

5/24/2014: My Movers and Shakers ACM SIGMETRICS’14 paper is profiled in the MIT Technology Review Business Report: MIT Technology Review article: The Internet of You.

2/20/2014: My paper titled “Movers and Shakers: Kinetic Energy Harvesting for the Internet of Things“, has been accepted to ACM SIGMETRICS’14 (17% acceptance rate). Joint work with John Sarik and Guy Grebla. This work has previously been profiled by MIT Technology Review Physics ArXiv blog and several other online media outlets. [Physics ArXiv Blog Article]

1/7/2014: I joined IBM Corporate Headquarters Business Performance Services group as a Senior Strategy Consultant, focusing on driving the adoption of advanced analytics for major business transformation initiatives.

2013 and prior 

11/6/2013: I attended the 2013 Rising Stars in EECS Academic Career Workshop for Women organized by the MIT EECS Department (invited participant).

RisingStars2013-group At the MIT EECS Rising Stars event with the other attendees.

7/11/2013: Our study of object and human motion energy harvesting is profiled by the MIT Technology Review Physics ArXiv Blog. In this study we analyzed motion properties using a 40-participant dataset, and also collected and processed over 200 hours of motion information for different participants. Joint work with John Sarik and Mina Cong. [Physics ArXiv Blog Article] [Report PDF]

5/10/2013: I was awarded the Columbia University Electrical Engineering Department Jury Award for Outstanding Achievement in the areas of system communications and signal processing, the highest award given by the department to a Ph.D. student. [Award Info] [Blog post]

4/24/2013: I defended my PhD dissertation titled “Energy Harvesting Networked Nodes: Measurements, Algorithms, and Prototyping”. [Dissertation PDF] [Blog post]

3/20/2013: A recording of a talk I recently gave at Microsoft Research is available online. In this talk I introduced the EnHANTs project and talked about my contributions to the project and to the overall space of networking ultra-low-power energy harvesting nodes: environmental energy characterizations, energy harvesting adaptive algorithms, and testbed design and development. [Talk Video]

5/07/2012: I am honored to receive the 2012 US Google Anita Borg Fellowship. [Award info] [EnHants project news item] [Columbia EE Dept. news item]

12/10/2011: I received our IEEE ComSoc award at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2011 award ceremony. [Blog post]

11/08/2011: Our demo received the Best Student Demo Award at the ACM SenSys 2011. Demo presented jointly with Robert Margolies and Gerald Stanje. [Demo Abstract PDF] [Accompanying Poster PDF] [Video of the demo]

demo-acmmobisys2011Presenting a demo at ACM MobiSys’11.

6/28/2011: I received the Best Speaker Award at the ACM MobiSys 2011 PhD Forum.

4/15/2011: A paper I wrote jointly with the EnHANTs Project PIs (Peter Kinget, John Kymissis, Dan Rubenstein, Xiaodong Wang, and Gil Zussman) won the 2011 IEEE Communications Society Award for Outstanding Paper on New Communication Topics. [ EnHants Project News Item ] [ Columbia School of Engineering News Item ] [ Paper PDF ]

04/02/2008: I was awarded the Columbia University Presidential Fellowship that fully covers tuition and provides a stipend for 4 years in the Columbia University Electrical Engineering Ph.D. program.

05/01/2007: I successfully defended my M.Sc. thesis titled Wormhole Attack Detection in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks at University of Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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