Lab members

Ph.D. Students

Tianyuan Du, starting Fall 2024
Sihun Baek, starting Fall 2024
Yanming Xiu, Spring 2024 – present
Christian Fronk, Fall 2023 – present
Zhehan Qu, Spring 2023 – present
Tianyi Hu, Fall 2022 – present
Lin Duan, Spring 2022 – present
Sarah Sangjun Eom, Spring 2021 – present
Ying Chen, Fall 2019 – present
Timothy James Scargill, Fall 2019 – present

M.S. Students

Ashley A. Frith, visiting student from Georgia Tech. Summer 2024

B.S. Students

Muchang Bahng, 2023 – present
Tiffany Ma, 2022 – present
Ritvik Janamsetty, 2022 – present

High School Students

Vanessa Tang, NC School of Science and Math, Summer 2023 – present
Jonathan Zeng, NC School of Science and Math, Summer 2023 – present

Members of the I3T Lab Attending the 2023 Summer REU Showcase

Recent News and News Highlights

6/10/2024: Two Duke I3T Lab PhD students are off to exciting  XR internships this summer. Sarah Eom is now an ORISE Graduate Fellow at the Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software Reliability (DIDSR) in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where she is working on evaluating image registration in medical XR devices. Lin Duan is a software engineering intern with NVIDIA Spatial XR team, where she is exploring cloud rendering and interaction with virtual objects in context of next-generation AR headset applications.

3/28/2024: Heartfelt congratulations to Zhehan Qu on his NSF AI Spring School Applied AI Poster Award.

2/5/2024: At IEEE VR 2024 members of the I3T Lab are presenting a workshop paper titled “Did I Do Well? Personalized Assessment of Trainees’ Performance in Augmented Reality-assisted Neurosurgical Training” [ Paper PDF ], an accompanying demonstration, and a poster titled “AR Simulations in VR: The Case for Environmental Awareness” [ Poster PDF ] .

1/1/2024: Paper led by Sarah Eom titled “Mixed Reality-guided Twist-drill Craniostomy Improves the Accuracy of External Ventricular Drain Placement” is appearing in Neurosurgery Focus special issue on mixed reality in neurosurgery. [ Paper PDF ]

10/9/2023: Heartfelt congratulations to Tim Scargill on his ACM ImmerCom Best Paper Award! [ Paper PDF ]

8/31/2023: Professor Gorlatova and PhD student Ying Chen are invited to attend the 2023 Google Networking Research Summit in Sunnyvale, CA.

7/10/2023: Lab’s work on augmented reality for retinal laser therapy is profiled in the Duke Eye Center VISION Magazine. [ More information ]

More information about our research

I^3T Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral associates: 2018 – 2021: Dr. Guohao Lan. First subsequent position: Assistant Professor of Computer Science at TU Delft.

M.S. students: 2023: Susy Su, Siwen Dong, Xichu Xiao. 2022: Owen Gibson, Achilles Dabrowski. 2021: Lucas Liu. 2019 – 2020: Zida Liu. 2020: Tianrui (Felix) Zhang. 2019: Nisarg Dabhi.

B.S. students: 2023: Alexander Du. 2022 – 2023: Seijung Kim Graduation with Distinction, Howard G. Clark Award for outstanding undergraduate research. Neha Vutakuri Graduation with Distinction. 2021 – 2022: Alex Xu Graduation with Distinction, Vineet Alaparthi, Sasamon Omoma. 2022: Liuren Yin, Darius Huang, Jason Dong. 2021: Mary Jiang, Aining Liu, Rohit Raguram, Mohammad Khatami, Achilles Dabrowski. 2020 – 2021: Ashley Kwon Graduation with Distinction. 2019 – 2021: Yunfan Zhang. 2020 – 2021: Brianna Butler; Shreya Hurli. 2020: Priya Rathinavelu; Steven Li; Achintya Kumar; Hunter Gregory; Orion Hsu; Daisy Ferleger; Bailey Heit; Bogyung Kim. 2018 – 2020: Michael Glushakov. 2019 – 2020: Davis Booth; Jason Zhou; Joseph DeChicchis Graduation with Distinction; Cyan DeVeaux Graduation with Distinction, Visual and Media Studies Award. 2019: Camden Vassallo; Michael Zhang; Charles Papandreou; Kunaal Sharma; Madeline Wilkinson.

Visitors, Ph.D.: 2019 – 2020: José Manjarrés, Universidad del Norte, Colombia (PhD advisor: Mauricio Pardo González), 809 Colciencias Fellow. First subsequent position: Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Olivet Nazarene University. Yuqi Han, Tongji University, China, (PhD Advisor: Jun Wu). Summer 2019: Gopika Premsankar, Department of Computer Science, Aalto University, Finland (PhD advisor: Mario Di Francesco).

Visitors, undergraduate: Summer 2023: Ashish Murthy, IIT Putna, Shivani Karanth, NC State University. Summer 2022: Jeremy Suh, UVA. Summer 2021 Grand Challenges in Engineering NSF REU Fellows: Maria Christenbury, Clemson University; Megan Mott, UNC Chapel Hill; Emily Eisele, Widener University. Summer 2019: Jovan Stojkovic, University of Belgrade, Duke ECE REU Fellow; Courtney Johnson, North Carolina A&T State University, Grand Challenges in Engineering NSF REU Fellow.

Visitors, high school: Summer 2019: Juan Blanco, DukeREP program for Durham-area high school students, Outstanding Trainee Award.