Public datasets and codebases

Augmented Reality

[IPSN20] Z. Liu, G. Lan, J. Stojkovic, Y. Zhang, C. Joe-Wong, M. Gorlatova, CollabAR: Edge-assisted Collaborative Image Recognition for Mobile Augmented Reality, in Proc. IEEE IPSN’20, April 2020 (21.7% acceptance rate). [ Paper PDF ] [ More information about the paper ] [ Dataset and codebase ] IEEE IPSN Best Research Artifact Award.

[SmartEdge20] M. Glushakov, Y. Zhang, Y. Han, T. Scargill. G. Lan, M. Gorlatova, Edge-based Provisioning of Holographic Content for Contextual and Personalized Augmented Reality, to appear in Proc. IEEE Workshop on Smart Edge Computing and Networking (co-located with IEEE PerCom), Austin, TX, Mar. 2020 (invited paper). [ Paper PDF ] [ More information about the paper ]

Eye Tracking-based Cognitive Context Sensing

To appear in ACM SenSys’20. To be posted.

Fog Computing Latency

To be posted. This dataset was collected for our fog latency characterization study, the findings of which we preliminary summarize in arXiv:1811.02638 .

3/13/2019: A collection of execution latencies for the PIC, PSF, and FSP tasks, for different execution points and execution options. [PIC PSF FSP]

3/5/2019: Serverless function execution latencies for two tasks, invoked with large inter-invocation intervals. With faster inter-invocation times, the AWS task completes in 0.5 s, the Microsoft Azure task – in 0.15 s. [AWS Serverless Azure Serverless]

[ArXiv18] M. Gorlatova, H. Inaltekin, M. Chiang, Characterizing Task Completion Latencies in Fog Computing, arXiv:1811.02638, Nov. 2018.

Energy Harvesting

[CRAWDAD14] M. Cong, K. Kim, M. Gorlatova, J. Sarik, I. Kymissis, G. Zussman, Human Motion for the Internet of Things Kinetic Energy Dataset, Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data At Dartmouth (CRAWDAD), May 2014.

[CRAWDAD11] M. Gorlatova, M. Zapas, E. Xu, M. Bahlke, I. Kymissis, G. Zussman, Light Energy Measurements CRAWDAD Dataset,  Apr. 2011. [bib entry]