Public datasets

Fog latency characterizations

To be posted. This dataset was collected for our fog latency characterization study, the findings of which we preliminary summarize at arXiv:1811.02638 .

3/13/2019: A collection of execution latencies for the PIC, PSF, and FSP tasks, for different execution points and execution options. [PIC PSF FSP]

3/5/2019: Serverless function execution latencies for two tasks, invoked with large inter-invocation intervals. With faster inter-invocation times, the AWS task completes in 0.5 s, the Microsoft Azure task – in 0.15 s. [AWS Serverless Azure Serverless]

[ArXiv18] M. Gorlatova, H. Inaltekin, M. Chiang, Characterizing Task Completion Latencies in Fog Computing, arXiv:1811.02638, Nov. 2018.

Previously released datasets

[CRAWDAD14] M. Cong, K. Kim, M. Gorlatova, J. Sarik, I. Kymissis, G. Zussman, Human Motion for the Internet of Things Kinetic Energy Dataset, Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data At Dartmouth (CRAWDAD), May 2014.

[CRAWDAD11] M. Gorlatova, M. Zapas, E. Xu, M. Bahlke, I. Kymissis, G. Zussman, Light Energy Measurements CRAWDAD Dataset,  Apr. 2011. [bib entry]