My Favorite Collection: Running States and Countries, January 2014

In 2013 I had many opportunities to add new items to my running collection — the states, provinces, and countries where I ran at least one mile outdoors (gyms do not count — it has to be an authentic outdoor experience, with the place’s wind in my hair and its dirt under my feet). The countries and the states that are in this collection at this time are:



Over this year I added 5 new states (Missouri, Tennessee, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Connecticut) and 3 new countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Italy) to the collection. It was a great year.

I am planning to add as many, and hopefully more, in year 2014. Perhaps the next state will be Louisiana, which I always wanted to visit. Or Florida, which I had visited several times before starting this collection, but somehow not even once after. I recall swimming there, but do not recall running – it must be re-visited. And I must finally see Germany — Munich’s English Garden looks like a fantastic place to go for a nice long run. And it would be particularly wonderful to get to add a couple more continents to the collection, — we shall see how to make that happen!

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