Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Students Presenting Their Work on Edge Computing and Augmented Reality

Two summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates students have presented their summer projects at the Duke University REU showcase.

Courtney Johnson presenting his summer research on precision eye tracking for Magic Leap performance and user experience optimization.

Jovan Stojkovic, Duke ECE REU Fellow and a rising senior at the University of Belgrade, presented his poster titled Edge Computing Platform for Collaborative Augmented Reality. Over the summer, Jovan has built a platform that allows multiple users’ related images, captured with Android phones running Google ARCore, to be processed jointly on an edge server, improving user’s quality of object recognition.

Courtney Johnson, Grand Challenges in Engineering NSF REU¬†Fellow at the Pratt School of Engineering and a rising junior at North Carolina A&T State University, presented his poster titled Intelligent Augmented Reality Adaptation to Users’ Eyes. Over the summer, Courtney has been exploring a range of uses of precision eye tracking, available in modern augmented reality headsets, to optimize the performance of augmented reality systems.

Both Jovan’s and Courtney’s research results will be integrated into paper submissions later this year.

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