My Favorite Collection: Running States and Countries, as of January 2015

The just-ended 2014 was a pretty good year for my running collection – the set of states, provinces, and countries where I have ran at least 1 mile. While the country-level collection did not change since 2013 (it can be found here), the states’ collection has been enhanced with 6 jewels. The states’ collections, as of January of last year and as of now:

StatesRan_Jan2014January 2014 USA states ran

StatesRan2015January 2015 USA states ran

The collection now features Rhode Island, Oregon, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The addition of Louisiana brings the total number of states collected to 27, representing 54% of all USA states and a whooping 56.25% of the states in the continental USA.

The collection updates in 2015 are to be determined. Delaware represents both a low-hanging fruit and an annoying gap in the collection’s Northeast corner. A weekend road trip to Delaware, with a visit to its famed Dogfish Brewery, would get another jewel to the collection. And the Carolinas are oh so close and oh so nice. Only a quick plane ride away, allowing for a run on a beach where Wright Brothers flew for the very first time – doesn’t it sound great? But of course the international aspect of the collection should not be neglected as well. Perhaps this year I’ll add another European entry or two to the countries’ collection?

Here is to yet to be determined and executed 2015 collection additions!

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